road arrow electric team

First electric formula in Serbia

Road Arrow electric team is a team founded by students of University of Belgrade who design and develop the first electric formula in Serbia, in order to participate for the most prestigious world engineering competition, Formula Student.


Formula Student is a world-class engineering competition whose goal is to educate and develop students through the process of designing and producing a racing vehicle. The team of students organizes the entire season on their own, which includes engineering design, development, marketing, fund raising, assembling, testing and finally, competitions.

Propositions of the Formula Student competition are such that the design of the vehicle is conditioned by a series of rules, whose purpose is to ensure driver safety and to encourage innovative design methods.


The trend of reducing the use of fossil fuels in 2008 led to the emergence of the first Formula Student electric vehicles. Over the next three years, these competitions belonged to the Alternative Fuel category (class 1A). Since 2012, when SAE International has announced the establishment of the Formula SAE Electric series of competitions, these vehicles show their capabilities in Class 1, in line with vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The FS Electric competition today has more than 150 teams which successfully present their formulas, with a complete freedom in the field of technical innovation and high awareness of the benefits of electrically powered vehicles when it comes to environmental protection.


This competition originated in the 1980s in the United States, under the name Formula SAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers). In Europe, first competition took place in 1998 and it was organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) when it was officially named Formula Student.

Today it gathers more than 600 teams from universities around the world. The reputation of the competition is constantly growing and attracts the attention of large companies from the automotive and related industries, which support and evaluate the work of young engineers. Competitions are held in many countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary…


Static Events 325/1000 Dynamic Events 675/1000
design 150/325
cost report 100/325
business 75/325
endurance 325/675
autocross 100/675
efficiency 100/675
acceleration 75/675
skid pad 75/675

About us

Road Arrow electric team was formed by former members of the Formula Student team Road Arrow in October 2018. They decided to use the knowledge acquired in the previous team for realization of the most ambitious project so far. Their task is to develop and construct a prototype of electric racing car, in less than two years for unprofessional autocross or sprint racing. Electric team will compete in the e-formula class with more than 150 student teams from around the world.


Road Arrow electric team represents the University of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia at the most prestigious world competition for students. The team’s success is measured by its ability to construct a race car that is not only fast, manageable and reliable, but also has an optimum price-to-quality ratio.

By applying innovations and the most advanced technologies, the first racecar of this team will fulfill the high standards of the Formula Student Competition. With this project we raise ecological awareness and encourage the application of knowledge in the light of sustainable development.


Road Arrow electric team is here to create opportunity for students to work and create independently, generate ideas and introduce innovations. The valuable experience and enthusiasm of young engineers represent the foundation for the development of automotive, as well as other related industries in Serbia.

By designing, developing and testing an electric vehicle, our students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to set the path for the development of electric cars in their own country.


Quality, innovation and competitiveness represent the goals of the team, which we plan to achieve in the next few years. The expertise of our engineers is reflected in the quality of the project, and their creativity in innovation.

Our plan is that through the design and development of the systems which haven’t been seen in this region before, we become competitive with the best teams in the world, and and to initiate technological development in Serbia.


Establishing the team

Project of electric team started in 2018, when the new team was formed in order to independently design and produce electric vehicle. Previously, the concept for the electric vehicle was developed by the members of the Road Arrow team in 2016, for which they won 3rd place in the Class II at the competition in Italy. Finally, in October 2018 conditions allowed students to establish a new team, and Road Arrow electric team started its own path.

Conceptual design of the vehicle is going to be presented in 2019, and it will have significant improvements in regard to version from 2016. Design of the systems is currently in progress, and some of them are going to be produced and tested by June. Those are DRS (Drag Reduction System), BMS (Battery Management System) i ECU (Engine Control Unit) that will operate the electric motors using Torque Vectoring algorithm. Testing of the electric motors will start after the production of self-designed accumulator which will be completed during the summer. Power supply will be provided with the help of a 600 V High Voltage system made up of Li-ion cells. Going to a large European competition in Silverstone to compete in Class II will be an introduction to the construction and testing phase, that awaits us in the 2020 season.


Conceptual Design


First Electric

The 2020 season is foreseen for construction and testing of the first electric formula, followed by a performance at European competitions. Electric Arrow will be presented by the end of 2019, so the rest of the season can be dedicated to extensive testing of the vehicle on the track. A model of the formula is going to be tested in a wind tunnel at the beginning of 2020, and validation of these results will be based on data obtained on racetrack. This formula will be a symbol of innovation in many ways. Besides DRS, BMS and ECU, it will have self-developed planetary gear units, monocoque, active aerodynamics, telemetry unit and many other subsystems. The carbon fiber monocoque instead of the steel chassis will contribute to the reduction of mass, and active aerodynamics will allow higher speeds on straight distances by moving flaps, which will significantly improve the performance of the formula.

The team

The team counts more than 40 students, from 9 faculties of the University of Belgrade. These are Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical engineering , Technology and Metallurgy, Economics, Law, Architecture, Mathematics, Organizational Sciences and Military Academy.

Team leader

  • Nikola Novaković
    Nikola Novaković
  • Milana Šumarac
    Milana Šumarac
  • Jovana Spasenović
    Jovana Spasenović
  • Lara Laban
    Lara Laban
  • Dušan Stojanović
    Dušan Stojanović
  • Dunja Ivanović
    Dunja Ivanović
  • Momir Drakulić
    Momir Drakulić
  • Branko Miličić
    Branko Miličić
  • Mihailo Mrvošević
    Mihailo Mrvošević
  • Stefan Jovanović
    Stefan Jovanović
  • Nikola Babić
    Nikola Babić
  • Vuk Radojević
    Vuk Radojević
  • Aleksandar Đermanović
    Aleksandar Đermanović
  • David Trivunović
    David Trivunović
  • Dušan Šoškić
    Dušan Šoškić
  • Đorđe Novković
    Đorđe Novković
  • Uroš Matić
    Uroš Matić
  • Nemanja Nešković
    Nemanja Nešković
  • Filip Cvejić
    Filip Cvejić
  • Rastko Sekić
    Rastko Sekić
  • Ivan Gluvačević
    Ivan Gluvačević
  • Marija Arsenović
    Marija Arsenović
  • Milica Vlaisavljević
    Milica Vlaisavljević
  • Dunja Antonić
    Dunja Antonić
  • Marko Skakun
    Marko Skakun
  • Nikola Stojiljković
    Nikola Stojiljković
  • Vladimir Mihajlović
    Vladimir Mihajlović
  • Ivan Voda
    Ivan Voda
  • Andrijana Stanišić
    Andrijana Stanišić
  • Andrej Zeljković
    Andrej Zeljković
  • Nenad Đalović
    Nenad Đalović
  • Ana Todosijević
    Ana Todosijević
  • Stefan Sofijanić
    Stefan Sofijanić
  • Nikola Milenić
    Nikola Milenić
  • Miloš Rašić
    Miloš Rašić
  • Pavle Radojković
    Pavle Radojković
  • Marta Avramović
    Marta Avramović
  • Ana Nikčević
    Ana Nikčević
  • Nenad Mirković
    Nenad Mirković
  • Marko Petko
    Marko Petko
  • Marina Marković
    Marina Marković
  • Milena Ristić
    Milena Ristić
  • Marko Tomanović
    Marko Tomanović
  • Katarina Kučuk
    Katarina Kučuk
  • Dina Bošković
    Dina Bošković
  • Stefan Stanimirović
    Stefan Stanimirović
  • Luka Tahirović
    Luka Tahirović
  • Aleksandar Đukić
    Aleksandar Đukić
  • Natalija Stojiljković
    Natalija Stojiljković
  • Bogdan Čarapić
    Bogdan Čarapić
  • Luka Nikolić
    Luka Nikolić
  • Ana Stefanović
    Ana Stefanović
  • Jovan Matović
    Jovan Matović
  • Marija Drakulić
    Marija Drakulić


If you wish to visit us, Road Arrow electric team’s HQ is located at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade; if you have any questions, you can reach us using the following contacts.



Phone:   +381 62 890 1055

PIB:   106916946

Kraljice Marije 16, Belgrade, Serbia